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What is Pressure Washing?

Our commercial grade pressure washers can clean many types of surfaces using water pressure and/or steam up to 225 degrees and 3500 psi. Pressure washing is safe, environmentally friendly solution to lots of tough cleaning jobs. From a driveway that needs to be cleaned to an office or industrial complex that is in need of a thorough and complete cleaning. Call B & L Pressure Washing & Painting (863) 508-6794
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Handyman Repairs Kissimmee, FL

When hiring a new handyman for home repairs or commercial building repairs in Kissimmee, FL it is important to make sure they are professionals that will work with you to provide services and results you want. Many handymen go about their work ignoring special requests from the client. At B&L Pressure Washing & Painting Handyman Service of Kissimmee, FL we strive to plan all work with the prior to actually starting. Once we have started on a project we work closely with the client to ensure they are getting the professional home repair services in Kissimmee, FL they were looking
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Pressure Washing Services Winter Haven,FL

Although pressure washing services in Lakeland, FL look and sound easy, they always aren’t. If you have never done any type of pressure washing services you could potentially harm yourself and or others. Hiring professionals gives you the reassurance that all your work will be done properly and safely. Hiring a professional power washing service might be a little bit more costly, but it’s a small price to pay when it comes to the safety of you and your family. These type of cleaning services can be tedious and difficult, let the professionals at B&L Pressure Washing & Painting &
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